Troy Laminating and Coating Inc provides industrial surface protection laminates

Troy Laminating & Coating Inc.

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Release Products

  • High Pressure Decorative Laminate Release Papers
    (High gloss, Suede, Satin, Matte Finishes)

  • Low Pressure Decorative Laminate Release Papers

  • Release Film

Release Paper for High Pressure Decorative Laminates

Release Sheet Paper that provides texture and gloss to the laminate surface
Overlay Light sheet which provides wear resistance on printed patterns. Solid color laminates do not require an overlay
Decorative Sheet Provides the color and/or pattern of the laminate. Treated with melamine to provide a hard, durable surface.
Core Layers Kraft paper treated with phenolic resin; provides strength and bulk to the laminate.
Phenolic Release Sheet Untreated paper with release coating on one side, prevents two laminates from adhering to each other.



See Also Casting Papers
and Adhesive Coatings

Release Paper

LC-19 Suede
LC-55 Satin
LC-28 Hi Gloss
LC-25 Film
DS-19 Interleaver







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