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Barbara Moore, Lida Ray Technologies

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        888-853-7279  (provide international versions of telephone and fax numbers)

937-440-8051  (provide international versions of telephone and fax numbers)
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421 South Union St., Troy, Ohio 45373
Electronic mail
General Information: Rich Korane "mailto:rkorane@chargeurs-protective.com">rkorane@chargeurs-protective.com
             Release & Casting Products:     
                        P. Geron "mailto:pgeron@chargeurs-protective.com">pgeron@chargeurs-protective.com
     Adhesive Coated & Lamination Products: 
                W. Johnston "mailto:wjohnston@chargeurs-protective.com">wjohnston@chargeurs-protective.com

Customer Support:
Webmaster: "mailto:TLC-web@lidaray.com">TLC-web@lidaray.com
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Send mail to "mailto:TLC-web@lidaray.com">TLC-web@lidaray.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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