Troy Laminating and Coating Inc provides industrial surface protection laminates

Troy Laminating & Coating Inc.

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Coating Capabilities

TLC's Coating Capabilities includes:

  • 6 Coating lines, 5 capable of handling solvents
  • Maximum Width - 68 Inches
  • 1 line with hot nip, dry bond laminating
  • Web pretreatment: Corona Discharge
  • Multiple Drying Methods
  • Curing: Thermal and UV
  • 1Line with One-color Flexographic Printing
  • 2 Lines with high Speed Ink Jet Printing

    Coating Methods

  • Direct Gravure
  • Reverse Gravure
  • Meyer Rod
  • Differential Roll
  • Slot Die
Coating Materials
Water-Remoistenable Adhesives
  Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  Release Coatings
  Print Receptive Coatings
  Heat Seal Coatings
  Other Specialty Coatings


More Info Adhesive Coated Products

Drying Methods

  • Arched
  • High Velocity
  • Direct Impingement
  • Gas Heated Air
  • Low Velocity Air

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