Troy Laminating and Coating Inc provides industrial surface protection laminates

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Adhesive Coated Products

Dry Gum Products

We offer a complete line of dry gummed and dextrin gummed label stocks, including cut-size, laser compatible and business forms grades. All of our papers are water-activated, so there is no backing sheet to throw away - no waste and economical too. Gummed printing papers are specifically manufactured printing papers with a water-activated adhesive applied to one side. They are ideal for mailing, shipping and return address labels, color coding, product identification and inventory control labels, stamps or stickers.

Pancake: Premium Dry gum for the ultimate in adhesion and press performance.

  • High quality face sheets
  • Super permanent adhesive
  • Excellent layflat
  • Repulpable adhesive

Tro~Mark: General purpose dry gum label papers for Performance and Value.

  • High quality face sheets
  • Dimensional stability
  • Long-life adhesive
  • Consistent calipers and print surface


Dry Gum

  • Label Stock (Tromark, Pancake)
  • Mill Roll Label
  • Business Forms
  • Laser Printable Products (Systix)
Conventional Adhesive


  • Xerographic dry gum label
  • Performance tested face stocks
  • Special heat resistant adhesive


  • Label Stock
  • Mill Roll Label
  • Business Forms
  • Laser Printing



  • Shiny and visible adhesive
  • Extended life adhesives


  • Stamps
  • Postage Meter Tapes
  • Stickers
  • Labels

Other Products

  • Adhesives Coated Cloth Products
  • Heat Seal



More info - Coating Capabilities


Substrates and Adhesives
for Unique and Demanding Applications

Red Streak


  • Clay Saturated Cloth
  • Heat Seal

Coating & Adhesive

At TLC, we use:

  • Precision Mixing Methods, including steam-jacketed vessels
  • Particle size reduction
  • High Speed Shear Dispersion and Disolving
  • Solvent Handling

Seeking a Distributor of Our Products?

In New York metro and MidAtlantic distributor areas, visit McAliece Imaging Products a division of Central Lewmar











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