Troy Laminating and Coating Inc provides industrial surface protection laminates

Troy Laminating & Coating Inc.

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Troy Lamininating & Coating (TLC), a Chargeurs Company, is a Coater / Laminator of roll based goods. We are located in a 300,000 square foot manufacturing complex, in Troy, Ohio, USA.

TLC has refined the expertise of coating and laminating paper, film and metal foils through the development, production and sales of those web and sheet products over the past 91 years. Located in southwest Ohio, TLC is within 600 miles of 37% of the industrial output of the U.S.

TLC has the capability to coat both water-based and solvent systems at widths up to 68 inches. Laminating capabilities include both web bond and dry bonding up to 66 inches wide. Thermal and ultraviolet curing capabilites are available for both coating and lamninating applications.

Specific product expertise lies in, but is not limited to, adhesive coated papers for printing of business forms, label and postage stamp. Paper, film, and foil laminations used for opaque signage, ticket and cardstock. Specialty release paper and film for casting base, transfer printing and high pressure laminating.

TLC also has extensive expertise in working with customers to develop special coatings and adhesives for specific, proprietary applications. A broad and dedicated group of suppliers also works with TLC to provide both high quality standard grades of web products but also innovative speciatly grades.


Our History

Although we've changed and grown a lot since our beginnings in 1914, we remain true to our goal of exceeding our customer's expectations.

Where we've come from:

  1914: Gummed Products Co. started business
  mid 1950's: St. Regis Paper Co. acquired Gummed Products and added to Laminated & Coated Products Div. (L&CP)
  1986: Champion Paper acquired St. Regis and sold L&CP to European licensee Frantschach
  1989: Ivex Packaging acquired L&CP and create Industrial Products Division
  2000: Chargeurs acquired Newton, MA; Bellwood, IL; and Troy, OH operations of Industrial Products Div. of Ivex Packaging
  Now: Troy Operation named Troy Laminating & Coating Inc.



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Facilities and Resources

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300,000+ SQFT of Manufacturing & Warehouse Space
30,000 SQFT of Office Space
17 Acres of Land
6 Solvent and Water-Based Coating and Laminating Machines
7 Slitter/ Rewinders
2 Sheeters
1 Embosser

Solvent & Water-based Coating Prep Capabilities

Emissions Control:


Carbon Recovery System



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